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My shop has moved! All the below still stands true, but I’ve moved my shop to Etsy for a few reasons – information security being the main one.


Here at Round the Cauldron, I pride myself on my work not only with educating (and learning!) but also in the products and services I provide. All tarot readings are carefully and extensively read for each purpose, and specific attention is given to each reading as I do it. Each crocheted item is made with love, care, and healing energy regardless of the item. All crocheted items are charged under the light of the full moon every month and then sealed away awaiting shipment.

Shopping with a Cause

A portion (15%) of all proceeds will be donated to Johns Hopkins Sjögren’s Syndrome Center. Why? My mother was diagnosed with Sjögren’s Syndrome in mid-2019. As of now, there isn’t much known about the syndrome, and there is no cure. I want to do my part in helping to change that!

To see the receipts of all donations, click here.

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