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Here you will find the 10 most recent podcast episodes (until I find a better way to bring them all to my site from my podcast host). If you’re looking for older episodes, you can find the complete archive by clicking here.

  • Inspired by Blood, Sweat, and Steel on YouTube, this week we discuss the importance of using non-witchy resources in your research and daily practices to help you be a better witch and pagan. Blood, Sweat, […]
  • Today, Hope and I decided to sit down and have a discussion about topics that are important to beginner pagans and witches.   JStor: Academia: Google Scholar: Paganism for Beginners by Althaea […]
  • Correspondences within witchcraft can be personal or common. Where do they come from? Who decides the correspondences for herbs, candles, and colors within witchcraft?   * My Color Correspondence Printable: * Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia […]
  • Defensive magick is the spellcraft equivalent of self-defense. Learning different defensive magick techniques can make you a more well-rounded witch.     Enter my giveaway! Just because you learn defensive magick doesn't mean you should […]
  • I was inspired by two people on YouTube (links below) and their discussion about their deities and their experiences. They mentioned something that really inspired me – and that's the fact that many pagans and […]
  • We all want to be ourselves at work and that often includes being free to express our religion in whatever manner it is safe to do so. Let's go over some EEOC Dos and Don'ts […]
  • Dreams have puzzled humankind for centuries – probably since the birth of the human species. It has been said that dreams are a gateway to the otherworld, a way to understand our innermost self, or […]
  • Being socially isolated – in any manner – can be a difficult thing to handle on an emotional and mental level. This means that isolation and distancing can also have an effect on your spiritual […]
  • Hey there! Today, I wanted to talk about four different types of altars that I have seen and/or use in my own personal practice.    o Worship Altar o Ancestor Altar o Working Altar o […]
  • This week I sat down and had a chat with my sister-in-law. Well, sat as close as we could since there are several states in between us! Anyway, we decided to have a chat about […]

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