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Free Printables

  • Self-Love Tarot Spread || FREE PRINTABLE
    Today we are continuing with our theme through the month of February with love magic and self-love, and I have created a self-love tarot spread for you to use when you’re feeling maybe a little lost and you don’t know how to proceed with self-care and how to go about moving forward on your self-love …

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  • Children’s Ancestor Candle || FREE PRINTABLE
    Samhain is approaching and sometimes the kiddos like to get involved in the celebrations. Instead of letting the children walk around the home carrying an open flame, why not do arts and crafts instead?
  • Moon Phase Calendar || NASA Craft
    This moon phase calendar has been helpful for me as someone who doesn’t always want to rely on an app for the moon phase. Make it along with me! This moon phase calendar is super easy to make and you only need a few things. Make it for yourself. Make it with your kids. Make it just because you want to!
  • Make a Sigil – Spiral Template
    If you don’t know, a sigil is a magickal symbol that you create using a positive phrase written in the present tense. They can be used for any kind of magick, but they’re normally used for things like self-love, healing, and compassionate magick. I’ve talked about making sigils before, but did you know you can use templates to make sigils? I’ve created a new printable for you all using a spiral template.
  • Jewelry Enchantment || Elemental Spell
    Enchanting jewelry is a very common practice that witches partake in. You can enchant rings, necklaces, bracelets – any form of jewelry – for any purpose. I’ve created a very simple jewelry enchantment using the five elements. This enchantment was created to bring the spirit and energy of each element into my necklace to carry with me throughout the day.
  • Meditation Journal
    A lot of people start their new year off on the right foot, wanting to bring mindfulness, peace, and happiness into their life. However, it never fails that these new year resolutions always end up dwindling down to be forgotten about.
  • New Year Tarot Spread
    Each month has its own card associated with it, and there are three more cards that are pulled at the end. One represents your goals, one represents the obstacles you may face, and one represents the theme of the entire year.
  • Tarot Three Card Reading – Past/Present/Future
    When you’re first learning how to read tarot cards, I always recommend writing down your readings. Plus, starting with the simple three-card reading is one of the best and easiest ways to practice reading the cards. When you do a three-card reading, you ask a question and then get an answer in a three-fold way. This can be applied to almost any reading, but a past/present/future is the most common.
  • Witch Planner
    I’ve always struggled with finding a planner page that I actually liked, so I decided to make one! Incorporating magick into my everyday routine has been something I’ve practiced for a long time. Having the right planner – and goals – helps to create the right mindset.
  • Daily Affirmation Journal
    Recently I’ve been working with affirmations, and they are a powerful tool in your witchcraft arsenal if you choose to use them. An affirmation is a statement of intent that holds power when you make it.

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