Episode 64: What is Dream Interpretation? || Science, Psychology, AND Spirituality

Episode 64: What is Dream Interpretation? || Science, Psychology, AND Spirituality

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Dreams have puzzled humankind for centuries – probably since the birth of the human species. It has been said that dreams are a gateway to the otherworld, a way to understand our innermost self, or even a way to divine the future. In any case, dreams can hold many keys to understanding yourself and working closely with your deities and ancestors. 

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o Psychology Today: Why do we dream?
o Healthline: Why do we dream?
o Precognitive Dreams in Celtic Legend
o Encyclopedia Britannica: Oedipus Complex
o The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud
o Podcast Episode 49: What is Shadow Work? || Psychology or Spirituality? And why YOU should be doing it!

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