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Create a Tarot Spread || Tarot Tips and Tricks

When you learn how to create a tarot spread of your own, you realize that there are almost no limits! Sometimes the tarot spreads that we find online work great. Sometimes they don’t quite answer the questions or touch on the certain situation that we need guidance on. We need to be able to know how to craft our own tarot spreads.

What is a tarot spread?

A new month tarot spread outline that shows four cards arranged in a circle. The bottom card is card one, the main theme of the month. Card two is to the left, the past influence affecting the month. Card three is on top, the roadblocks of the month. Card four is to the right, the possibilities of the month.

Putting it simply, a tarot spread is a geometric shape that you lay the cards out in. This is combined with the number of cards you pull as well as the orientation you lay the cards in. For example, you could draw five cards – with five corresponding questions – and then lay them out in the shape of a heart. This type of tarot spread would probably involve matters of, you guessed it, the heart!

The way you spread the cards on the surface is really up to you and, as I said, there are no limits except for your imagination — well, and the fact that most tarot decks only have 78 cards!

The image to the left shows a tarot spread I created to use whenever a new month rolls around. Click the image (or click here) to go read more about that. Also, this is the reading I give out over on Patreon!

Create Your Own Spread

There are a few reasons why you might want to create your own tarot spread. The first one? Maybe you haven’t found a spread that works just right for your situation. You could be facing a unique opportunity or a unique issue — tarot spreads that you can find online are usually fairly generic, so why not make your own?

It also gives you a chance to be creative in your tarot reading. See what kind of shapes you can use. How many cards can you pull at once? What kind of answers can you get from just one or two cards? Can you shape them like a heart for matters involving love and relationships? What about an “X” for things you don’t want to happen? How about a circle for situations that are cyclical in nature? Or a line for situations that might be linear?

Lastly, you might want to create your own tarot spread because it helps you connect better to your reading. Sometimes tarot spreads I find online don’t resonate with me at all. That’s okay! In this case, I just need to make my own. When you know the meaning behind the shape, the reason for the number of cards you pull, and the intent behind the orientation of the cards, you can connect with your answers better. This becomes more of an intuitive style of reading, and I’m all for readings that make sense!

Things to Consider

No matter your reason for making your own spread, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.

Three burning candles stand in a row.
  • How many cards are you going to pull?
  • Will each card correspond with a question? Or will multiple cards be pulled for one question?
  • What shape do you want your spread to be?
  • Does it have meaning to you?
  • Does it just make sense?
  • Does the reading flow?
  • How will you orient the cards?
  • Will some cards be straight up and down? Sideways? Diagonal?

All of these questions can be taken into consideration when crafting your own tarot spread. The beauty, though, is that making your own spread is entirely personal! If you have a question you want guidance on, you can simply as your questions and draw your cards. The choice is completely up to you!

So, go forth and create your own tarot spreads. Let me know in the comments if you do! I’d love to see what you’ve created and the reasoning behind it!

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Cleanse and Charge your Tarot Deck || Guest Post

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Consulting the Tarot: 7/23/19

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