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Episode 91: Make it Yours || Personal Correspondences for the Eclectic Witch

As an eclectic witch, I find that most “common” correspondences don’t necessarily fit the way I practice witchcraft and the things I believe. If you’re an eclectic witch, many of your correspondences can be personalized and made to fit your practice.

Episode 90: Witchcraft in Pop Culture || Favorites and Thoughts

Witches are often portrayed in pop culture as evil, demonic, or ugly. I asked on Instagram who your favorite (and least favorite) pop culture witches were and the results were…expected. Let’s find out what you said as well as my thoughts on how witches are portrayed in the media.

Episode 89: Elements in Witchcraft || Common Correspondences and My Thoughts

Elements in witchcraft are fairly common amongst research material for new and not-so-new witches. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit are the five “traditional” elements in witchcraft and they have common correspondences. So, what are they? And what are my thoughts?

Episode 86: Protection Magick – Basics, Tips, and Tricks

It is my belief that as a witch, protection magick should be some of the first types of magick you master – or at least get comfortable with – before moving on to anything else. Protection magick includes charms, shields, wards, and so much more. Do you have a favorite method of protection?

Episode 85: The Law of Attraction || Interview with Sebastian Soul

The Law of Attraction is a hot topic in the New Age and witchcraft community. Sit down for a spell as I chat with Sebastian Soul, host of the Affirmation to Manifestation podcast, as we discuss his life, how he found The Law of Attraction, and what it means to him.

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Episode 84: Developing Relationships with Deity || Connections and Conversations

As a polytheist witch, connecting with the deities I honor and worship are extremely important to me. If it is something you’ve never done, though, developing a relationship with deity can be difficult and overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be, though, and I want to share some tips I have for you if you’re looking to connect with and develop a relationship with a deity.  

Episode 83: Are You a Broom Closet Witch? || Tips and Conversations on Practicing in Secret

Being a witch in the broom closet can be a challenge, but there’s no need for you to completely disregard your practice. There are several things you can do to keep you connected to your witchcraft practice when you have to be sneaky. Today, I want to explore some tips for closeted witches – practice anywhere, at any time, with none the wiser.

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