Episode 89: Elements in Witchcraft || Common Correspondences and My Thoughts

Elements in witchcraft are fairly common amongst research material for new and not-so-new witches. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit are the five “traditional” elements in witchcraft and they have common correspondences. So, what are they? And what are my thoughts?

The Craft by Dorothy Morrison* https://amzn.to/38ixeW5
Utterly Wicked by Dorothy Morrison* https://amzn.to/3p7OzXE
Seasons of Wicca by Ambrosia Hawthorn* https://amzn.to/36bN81N
Seasons of Wicca Book Review https://youtu.be/akSb0O52h00

Elements in witchcraft are different depending on the region, culture, tradition, and person practicing magick. One person may use elements in witchcraft in a completely different way than someone else, and that’s okay. I don’t use elements in witchcraft very often, but my associations with the elements are fairly similar to the common associations that are available on the web.

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