Episode 87: Samhain 2020 || Information and Practices as an Irish Pagan

Samhain is a time of new beginnings in my path as an Irish pagan for many reasons. Working in darkness can be daunting for some people, but darkness is a necessary part of growth.

Celtic Calendar Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_calendar (has good sources used as a reference)
Lora O’Brien, Samhain in Ireland: https://loraobrien.ie/samhain-in-ireland/
Dumb Supper Stories: https://blindpigandtheacorn.com/the-tradition-of-the-dumb-supper/
Hop-Tu-Naa, A Festival in the Isle of Man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hop-tu-Naa
Duchas, November’s Eve: https://www.duchas.ie/en/cbes/4427933/4359095/4454196
Wiccan Samhain: https://www.roundthecauldron.com/2019/10/27/samhain/
Culture Vannin, Hop-Tu-Naa: https://www.culturevannin.im/manxfolklore/hop-tu-naa-468995/
20 Fun Facts about Hop Tu Naa on the Isle of Man: https://www.visitisleofman.com/blog/read/2020/10/20-fun-facts-about-hop-tu-naa-on-the-isle-of-man-b113

Samhain is the third and final harvest festival in the neo-pagan wheel of the year. Its celebrations are deeply rooted in Irish lore and tradition and many people still celebrate Samhain traditions today. As an Irish pagan, Samhain is all about welcoming the darkness, remembering where I come from, and planting seeds for new growth. The most important parts of growth happen in darkness, and as we approach the darker half of the year, I’m reminded at Samhain of the things I need to hold on to and, more importantly, the things I need to be free from.

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