Episode 74: Trusting your Gut || Mental Health Traps in Spirituality

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Note: This is a LIVE recording, so the format has changed slightly! Also, I’m still working on perfecting the audio of where I record now that I’ve moved.

I saw a tweet going around that gave me the idea for this topic. The tweet talked about how the idea of trusting your gut doesn’t take into account social conditioning, fear, trauma, and other environmental factors.

– Tweet: https://twitter.com/DurgadasADuriel/status/1204109906040614914
– Shadow Work Video: https://youtu.be/O1_UKy1gox4
– Shadow Work Podcast: https://wp.me/pawqtP-2FG
– Kelly-Ann Maddox: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3TVUyNxIdMdR9RljTIzaQ

I really wanted to discuss this because I’m a witch with mental health issues that has a hard time discerning whether or not the feelings I get are legit or if they’re just my anxiety. These are mental health traps, in my opinion, because we are goaded into this idea of trusting ourselves – but what happens when we can’t?

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