Episode 66: Personal Deity Experiences || Working with Brighid

I was inspired by two people on YouTube (links below) and their discussion about their deities and their experiences. They mentioned something that really inspired me – and that’s the fact that many pagans and witches don’t discuss their personal experiences with their Gods, Goddesses, and other beings. This could be from fear, hesitation, or just because they don’t want to.

I believe that sharing our personal experiences with our spiritual path – including the gods we work with – can be a learning experience for both ourselves and others. It is important for me to share my experiences because I’m all about the education and spread of knowledge.

Today, I want to share my thoughts on this as well as my experience working with and worshiping the Irish Goddess Brighid.

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Things I Mentioned
Dru @ She Who Walks Between the Worlds
Trish @ BeanBagHagWag
Lora O’Brien
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