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If you didn’t know – which I’m sure if you’ve been here for a bit, you do know – I have an Etsy shop. I used to host it here on my site, but some backend stuff left me uncomfortable with collecting sensitive data like payment information on my own site. If you’re interested, it’s because my current site host plan doesn’t allow me to have an SSL certificate so…that’s why.

Anyway, I’ve realized something about my Etsy shop and my crochet prices. I had lost track of why I do what I do and my prices were reflecting that. I have updated my pricing to reflect the reason that I crochet. I crochet in honor of Brigid and do so as a spiritual service to Her. I want my prices to reflect my values, which means I want them to be affordable for everyone. Therefore, I have updated the pricing on my site. Yes, I will still make a small profit, but it is nothing like what it was at before.

If you’ve ever been interested in getting one of my meditation shawls, a custom Goddess doll, or something similar, you can head over to my Etsy shop and have a look. I’m also in the process of expanding the crochet items that I will have available since I am interested in environmentalism and green living. This will include kitchen sets, bathroom sets, and reusable produce bags, etc.

As always, thank you very much for any support you have provided to me and any other small business.
Much love,
Megan Black

Custom Goddess Doll

Based on the common depiction of the female divine figure, this Goddess doll is soft, cuddly, and perfect to bring a bit of Goddess energy to any home. Colors are chosen in the message to seller and I will reach out for verification before I get started.

She stands approximately 8 inches tall and is approximately 10 inches around at the largest part.

She is machine washable but would prefer to be hand-washed because She’s delicate.

100% Acrylic Yarn – Stuffed with 100% polyester stuffing

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