Episode 42: Get to Know the Witch || Cosmic Questions

I wanted to take it easy this week, so here we go! I answer 15 cosmic questions about myself and have fun while doing it. Get to know the witch behind the screen!

Little Cosmic Crow
Intro to Astrology
Doctor Mike
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🌼🌱The Questions🌱🌼

  1. Does your Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign) portray you correctly? If not, do your other planetary signs?
  2. What songs bring you the most magickal vibes?
  3. Which one of your deities/guides/ancestors is most sarcastic with you? If this doesn’t apply to you, which of your tarot/oracle decks is?
  4. Biggest witchy mess up or misinterpretation?
  5. Would you write a book on your craft/spirituality? Why? If you already have, what were your challenges in doing so?
  6. If someone wanted to summon you to their circle, what 5 items would they need?
  7. If you were a ghost, what place would you haunt?
  8. What is the funniest way someone has reacted to finding out you are a witch?
  9. Do you have any superstitions?
  10. If you could possess any fantasy magic, what would your power be?
  11. What is something random on your altar(s)?
  12. If one of the youtubers you watched was a genie and they could grant you 3 wishes within their power, who would it be and what wishes? (Can’t be for more wishes)
  13. If you could instantly become an expert in any part of your craft/spirituality, what would it be?
  14. When you die, what do you think will happen to you/your soul?
  15. Where do you see yourself spiritually in the next 5 years?


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