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#ThoughtfulThursday 9.19.19

Communication is important in everything that we do. Whether we’re communicating with a boss, a family member, a child, or a friend – we need to be able to openly say what we feel and think. This is true in our mundane lives as well as our spiritual ones.

One aspect of communication that often gets overlooked is the practice of listening. Good communicators know how to speak clearly and concisely to get their point across. They also know how to actively listen with the intent to understand what the other is saying, not with the intent of solely hearing and responding.

Do you communicate with your family and friends this way? Your boss?

What about your Gods? Are you being a good communicator and saying what you think and feel clearly and concisely? And are you being a good listener – taking in what They have to say with the intent to understand and not respond?

What is Thoughtful Thursday? Well, it’s exactly as it sounds. It is a day during the week where you can jot down your thoughts as a blog post, journal prompt, etc. Some days I’ll have a question I want to answer. Some days it’s just word-vomit on a page. I encourage you to take part, too. Even if you don’t blog publicly like I do, or you don’t have an online presence. Take your Thursdays to reflect on some of those thoughts you may have. You never know. You might gain some much-needed insight.

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