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#ThoughtfulThursday 9.12.19

I feel like I’m going to become a broken record here with my talks and ideas about sustainability and green living, but you know what? I don’t care. I’ve learned so much about the harm that’s being done to our environment for (mostly) capitalistic exploitation and convenience. Why? I came from a generation that’s used to getting what we want fairly quickly. It is a product of our generation being raised in a time of exponential technological growth, and that contributes to it immensely. Also, a lot of our generation is apathetic to the things that are happening around us. We’ve been in a war as a country (USA) for most of our lives. The economy has crashed and entered a recession. Most of us can’t afford to live on our own, even with a full-time job that pays well because wages never caught up with the cost of living. So yeah, we’re apathetic, and I feel like that plays a role in the idea of capitalism, convenience, and no one caring about the environment and being eco-friendly. If you’re apathetic and you feel like there’s no point because the world has gone down the toilet anyway, then you’re going to be more likely to not care about anything else or do anything to help save it.

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I felt like that for a while, honestly. But I have a daughter. She’s six, and I want the planet to be around for her when she’s in her 60s. So we need to do something – anything – to help take care of the planet we have now. We need to clean it up. We need to be aware of what we’re doing when we’re doing it, and why. Cut down where we can. Eliminate where we can. Reuse things when we can. Recycle them when we can’t. Don’t buy things that can’t be recycled.

Take care of the planet.

It’s the only one we have.

What is Thoughtful Thursday? Well, it’s exactly as it sounds. It is a day during the week where you can jot down your thoughts as a blog post, journal prompt, etc. Some days I’ll have a question I want to answer. Some days it’s just word-vomit on a page. I encourage you to take part, too. Even if you don’t blog publicly like I do, or you don’t have an online presence. Take your Thursdays to reflect on some of those thoughts you may have. You never know. You might gain some much-needed insight.

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