Episode 30: Green Living and Zero Waste – Save the Planet!

Did you know that by the year 2050, it is estimated that trash in the ocean will outweigh fish pound for pound? What can we do to help our environment and live more sustainably?


~ World Economic Forum: Submarine diver found trash in the Mariana Trench – http://bit.ly/2P3UYp1

~ National Geographic: Plastic garbage patch that was found in the Pacific is bigger than Mexico – https://on.natgeo.com/30q9f0k

~ USA Today: Ocean garbage patch is twice the size of Texas – http://bit.ly/2ZhW2cD

~ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association – http://bit.ly/2MuZIlA

~ Science Magazine: Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean – http://bit.ly/31VlaUs

~ Washington Post: More plastic than fish by  – https://wapo.st/2KMN5A1

~ Union of Concerned Scientists – http://bit.ly/2L1IGIq

~ National Resource Defense Council – https://on.nrdc.org/2zaNKVo

~ Environmental Defense Fund: 9 ways we know humans triggered climate change – http://bit.ly/2ZjFBfT

~ NASA: Global Climate Change – https://go.nasa.gov/2U1D6dr

~ Juliana v. US – http://bit.ly/2KK8E4m

~ Products made with Petroleum – http://bit.ly/2Zfoz3H

What can you do?

~  Ways to make your life more eco-friendly – http://bit.ly/2zfAdvH

~ Check out the EPA’s list of eco-friendly topics – http://bit.ly/2Z9UCBI

~ Use Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees – https://www.ecosia.org/

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