Episode 18: How to be a Real Witch

Rambly-ramble episode because I’ve been busy and tired. So, listen to me chat about my garden, our property, and how to be a real witch according to google. Get my live reactions from the crap (and not-so-crap) that you can find on Google about witchcraft and Wicca.

Pro-tip: How to be a real witch? Practice witchcraft!

Note: When speaking about Dianic Wicca, I mention that my issue with Dianic Wicca is that some do not allow transgender women to practice in their coven because they are not anatomically women. This was the incorrect verbiage on my end and I do apologize. If I understand correctly, the proper wording should be anatomically female. Please feel free to reach out to me if this is indeed incorrect.

Stella Seaspirit
Exemplore – How to Become a Witch and How to Practice Witchcraft
W-Magazine – How to Become a Witch Beginners Guide
NY Post – Kids Accused of Witchcraft in the UK
Plant Identification Facebook Group


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