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Thoughtful Thursday

How do you define your faith? Be as specific or vague as you’d like!

If you’ve listened to episode 15 of the Round the Cauldron Podcast, you’ll know that I’ve struggled with defining my faith. A lot. I’ve been back and forth between hard and soft polytheism, duotheism, and for a while, even monotheism. I think for now, I just define my faith as eclectic Wicca. I don’t follow a specific tradition. I don’t have a specific set of deities I worship or follow. I don’t have a lot of rules. I do, however, follow the Sabbats and Esbats as closely as I can.

I find that I’m more closely connected to my faith when I’m actively participating. I don’t mean this in the way of rituals and spellwork. I mean this in the way of physically honoring the Earth and living my truth in my faith. I feel closer to Persephone when Spring comes back and I smell the flowers. I feel closer to Pan when I see the leaves rustling in the wind. I feel closer to Hestia when I’m taking care of the home. And I feel closer to Gaia when I’m tending to my garden.

I’m not big on the elaborate rituals and high magick that a lot of witches participate in. If my hands are dirty during Spring, or I’m feeling the love at Beltane, than I’m doing something right.

What is thoughtful Thursday? This is something I created to give everyone a chance to dig deep into their spiritual selves and answer some questions that require a bit of thought. How do you participate? Well, you can comment here, post about it on Instagram, or use the question as a prompt for your own blog post! Whatever you write, drop me a link in the comments! I would love to read it!

Next week’s question: What is your favorite holiday and why?

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