New Month Tarot Spread *Freebie*

New Year’s Resolutions are extremely popular here, but I don’t really adhere to those. If you’ve listened to my newest podcast episode, you’ll know why. Instead, I prefer to practice monthly goal setting, and now you can use this monthly tarot spread to help you with your goals, too.

However, I do like to do tarot spreads for each new month to give me some insight into the month to come. I’ve created a graphic for you all here as well as a free printable to add to your Book of Shadows that has spots where you can fill in your reading and interpretation.

Layout of the Cards

1. The Main Theme of the Month

2. Past Influences Affecting the Month

3. Roadblocks of the Month

4. Possibilities of the Month

Preview of Downloadable

Want the printable to add to your Book of Shadows?

Right click on the link and click “Save As” to get this PDF printable for yourself!

Click here to get the printable!

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  • Maria Ziegler

    I find this spread very useful. However, I was wondering how should one read a wonderful card that appears as the roadblock of the month. Does it mean there won’t be any roadblocks? or that good things also can act as disadvantages?
    Thank you!

    • Megan Black

      That could be up to your interpretation. For myself, it usually means that whatever positive that card normally displays may act as a disadvantage. For example, The Star showing up as a roadblock could indicate that you may be too hopeful for the situation, or you may be seeing things through rose-colored glasses and need to be more realistic.

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