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Wicca for Beginners by Sophia Silvervine || Book Review


“Your #1 Guide to Wicca
Are you looking for direction? Do you prefer nature over the modern world? Are you interested in learning and practicing Wicca
Then this book can help you to get started
Wicca is a complicated religion, and the first step to starting as a Wiccan is to find out if Wicca is for you. There are indications that you may be right for Wicca, and some of them include an attraction to nature, stones, and meditation. From learning about Wiccan holidays to learning about the moon cycles, here you’ll have all the information you need to get started with celebrating and practicing Wicca.
Inside you will learn about…
– Wiccan Holidays – Beginner Spells & Rituals – Wiccan Gods and Goddesses – The Five Elements – The Wiccan Altar – The Book of Shadows There’s no need to leave love, money, or success up in the air when you can find guidance in love spells, moonlight meditation and rituals that will help you to gain the energy you need to direct your magical essence. You’ll learn all about the elements and how to represent them, perform beginner spells, and make sure that you honor the God and the Goddess.” – Book Description from Amazon

Book Details:
* Available on Kindle Unlimited
* $14.99 for Paperback
* 48 pages long
* Includes (in this order)
– An Introduction to Wicca
– Wiccan Holidays
– Wiccan Gods and Goddesses
– Beginner Spells and Rituals
– The Five Elements
– The Wiccan Altar and Book of Shadows

I have to say, I didn’t like this book at all. It is written in very plain language, with a lot of summarizing and not much detail. Also, if you’ve read my other reviews, you know how I am about sources and misinformation. This book is full of it. I’d like to start off with some quotes that I’ve pulled that I 100% disagree with, along with some brief notes and explanations of why I disagree. The quotes below are numbered, and my comments are in brackets.

  1. “It is pre-Christian…” (pg11) [NOPE]
  2. “Much of what Wiccans originally believed was lost because of medieval church trying to wipe Wiccans out.” (pg11) [AGAIN, NOPE]
  3. “Even though there can be dark spells, they aren’t practiced often and they hardly ever work.” (pg11) [TELL THAT TO THE SECULAR WITCHES WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THE REDE OR THREEFOLD LAW AND YOU’LL BE RIDICULED]
  4. “When you do a spell, you are asking the Gods and Goddesses to grant you the power to do so while also harnessing the power within you.” (pg11) [WICCA IS DUOTHEISTIC]

All of the quotes above are just from one page (Page 11) and I have issues with each of them. First off, Wicca is not pre-Christian (#1 above). We know that Wicca was founded in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner. That is not pre-Christian at all. This is also my problem with quote #2. There was no Wicca in the medieval ages, so quote #2 is entirely false. Now, I don’t know if the author is using Wicca and witchcraft interchangeably, but if so, I would highly recommend and appreciate them saying so in the introduction of the book because it would make it easier for those readers who don’t have as much knowledge on the subject of Wicca and witchcraft to understand.

I have a notebook on my Kindle that has a total of 39 highlights, and most of those are quotes that are false, misleading, or “facts” with no sources. Also, 39 highlights is a lot for a book that’s only 48 pages long…

“If you’re not a nature person, or you prefer medicine over natural remedies, then you’re not leaning towards Wicca as a religion.” (pg15) [LOL WAT?!]
“Make sure that you have picked a God or Goddess you think that you can connect with, as they all stand for something else.” (pg15) [YOU DON’T JUST PICK DEITIES LIKE YOU PICK YOUR CLOTHES…]
“The Christian holiday it’s related to is Easter and since its symbol is the spring flowers, there are obvious similarities between the two.” (pg19) [SOURCE?]

This book goes on to talk about deities, and basically says to pick the deity you want to work with based on what you need and how you connect with your deity. This can be true for some traditions, so I’m not knocking the information here. What I am knocking is the writing of the quote. It is written in such a trivial manner that it makes it out to read that you can choose any deity you want to work with because of their associations, and that deity will automatically accept to work with you, and that simply isn’t true. Also, there’s several closed cultures who have their own deities that you shouldn’t pick and choose from. A closed culture is one that not anyone can just join. It is one that has specific requirements to join the religion associated with the culture, and specific requirements to gain the necessary knowledge to understand the culture and belief system.

There is one quote in the whole book that I agree with, and it is on page 33.

“Everything in Wicca has an essence. It is a type of force that runs through all things, including stones. It is what gives objects and people their power. It is what makes blood so potent, and it is what allows you to cast anything at all. No matter how simple. An essence is actually a part of the divine that runs through everything, and it is seen as what connects us to everything in the world, including but not limited to nature as a whole.” (pg33)

The wording for this might be a bit different, but the concept of the quote and idea is the same. Most of us Wiccans do believe that everything has an energy that flows through it, whether living or inanimate. This book also does something that I’m not a fan of, and that is putting a gender to the elements and some herbs. I will never understand why, in the modern age, we need a gender for Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

Would I recommend this book? No, not really. I don’t think this book is worth the $14.99 at all, especially for only being 48 pages. Not to mention the fact that, in the entire 48 pages that I read, I had 38 quotes that either didn’t have sources, were false, or that were misleading.

If you’d like to check out the book for yourself, click the link below.

Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, Spells, Rituals and Holidays

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