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How to Choose a Crystal

For many witches and Wiccans alike, stones and crystals are an important part of their practice. I admit I haven’t always been that connected to stones or crystals! I didn’t feel like they played a part in my practice or my spirituality at all. Over time, though, that has changed and my spiritual practice has grown significantly. I’m learning every day, and I would like to share with you how I choose any new stones or crystals to bring into my spiritual practice or life in general!

The stones pictured above are, in fact, mine. I just got them yesterday at a local event when my mom’s booth was set up next to this vendor. I’ll link to the vendor’s website because she is an awesome person with a wonderful vibe. She knows her stones and crystals and is just an amazing person to be around. We’ve been next to or around each other at this vendor event a few times and I’ve gotten to talk to her about where she gets her stones and crystals.

Rose Quartz heart held by my daughter, bought from the same vendor.

Sometimes when choosing crystals, people will research the crystal they think they need and then go searching for it. This is totally fine, and I’m not knocking anyone who chooses their crystals this way. However, I do it very differently.

Instead of researching the huge amount of crystals and stones that are available in the world, I let the crystal/stone choose me. When choosing the crystals and stones I bought yesterday (image above), I spent a few minutes looking at the table that was set up with all the different ones available. I placed my hand in a few different bowls that seemed to call out to me and held a few in my hand. I let the crystal or stone resonate with me and interact with my vibration and, depending on the reaction I get when I hold the item, I decide whether or not this is something that I need. I go into this with no prior knowledge or research about the different crystals and stones that I’m looking at for a reason.

Crystals and stones vibrate at different frequencies depending on their spiritual and magickal uses. If I feel that our vibrations don’t mesh well when I hold them, they aren’t the stone I need at that time. If our vibrations do mesh well, I consider them depending on the price and source of the stone. Because let’s face it, just because I’m a Wiccan doesn’t mean I’m made of money. I would love to have the most beautiful and expensive stones, but that’s not practical.

Once I find a crystal or stone that resonates with me, I then choose from the ones available of that kind. This is based on how aesthetically pleasing I find the specific stones or crystals that I’ve selected. Sometimes they aren’t even the most beautiful of the stones of their kind! I believe that if I find the stone or crystal pleasing to look at, then there’s a reason. It’s like it calls to me and knows that I need it.

This method has never failed me, and sometimes the metaphysical properties of the crystal or stone that I choose are things I didn’t even know I needed until I really thought about my life in that moment.

How do you choose your crystals? Let me know in the comments!

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Viper Lapidary – local crystal and stone vendor specializing in stones, crystals, and magickal jewelry

*note: this is not a paid post and I did not get any credit/monies/gifts for featuring Viper Lapidary, I just like her as a person and her products are awesome

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