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What do you seek?


Most days, we humans go about our lives with a sense of “unknowing-ness”. We wonder where we fit in the grand scheme of things, and if there’s any purpose to this life at all. I’ve wondered it myself, many times. I see these other creatures, all with their own purpose. Spiders keep the bug population in order. Wolves in the mountains keep the deer population in order, and the deer keep the flora in order. The bees pollinate the plants and the plants grow food. It is a cycle, and I’m not even sure where we humans fit into that anymore.

We used to be part of the food chain, something’s prey. We used to be connected to Earth and the cycles of the planet. We used to be connected to our own bodies, and each other, and the world around us. We used to be able to look at the wildlife around us and know. That sense of knowing is gone, and it is our own fault as a species. Sometimes I think humans are too smart for our own good. As a species, we have single-handedly destroyed most of Earth’s rainforest. As a species, we have successfully polluted the air we breath. As a species, we have lost touch with our inner selves. Humans have become materialistic and capitalistic, trading a measly piece of paper for other meaningless objects.

What do you seek?

We need to get back to our roots as a species. Our hands need to be dirty. Our hair wild and free, our bodies the same. Our senses have been polluted with the grime of modern-day life, with our cars and houses made of synthetic materials that have polluted our minds. We have become sedentary. We have become complacent. We have looked the other way while our species destroys our Earth. We have gone in search of materialism when we should be searching for our roots, hidden deep in the earth’s soil.

God and Goddess are here.

They’re watching, waiting to hear your answer.

What do you seek?

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