Imbolg (or Imbolc) is a time of celebration for the coming of Spring. Imbolg is one of the original Celtic Fire Festivals and holds a special place in the hearts of many. With the sacred fires, planting of seeds, and honoring of Brigid, Imbolg is a time of growth andContinue Reading

This week’s topic is one that was requested through Instagram. I want to talk about environmentalism, the green-living movement, and how we can help those suffering in Australia.   Don’t forget – subscribe to my YouTube channel and participate in the podcast recording LIVE every Wednesday! You can also downloadContinue Reading

Ring in the new year like the true witch you are! Say goodbye to 2019 and step into 2020 in true magickal fashion! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and take part in the LIVE recording of the podcast every Wednesday at 11am PST! To get a transcriptContinue Reading

With the holiday approaching, I thought it would be fitting to write a little something about the traditions of Christmas and their roots in paganism. Now, before I continue, I just want to say that this is not a stab at Christmas and Christianity. It is merely an observation andContinue Reading

A depth year is a year where the goal is to go deeper, not wider. Take the time to see the value in the things you already own and try not to buy anything new unless necessary. Get out of the consumer mindset! See the value in what you have!Continue Reading

Join me in setting goals for 2020! Let’s discuss how to set realistic goals, and how to make sure you include your religious practice in your goals as well. Listen in as I go over my goals from last year and set new goals for 2020! BakkenMomma New Years ResolutionContinue Reading

With Thanksgiving approaching here in the United States, I thought it was finally time to talk about Cultural Appropriation. This episode is source heavy, history heavy, and might be triggering to some viewers/listeners. SOURCES AND IMPORTANT LINKS =========================================== Don’t forget, you canContinue Reading

I wanted to take it easy this week, so here we go! I answer 15 cosmic questions about myself and have fun while doing it. Get to know the witch behind the screen! Little Cosmic Crow Intro to Astrology Doctor Mike Friends Fascinated Podcast 🌼🌱The Questions🌱🌼 Does your Sun SignContinue Reading