I’m trying this again… Candle magick can be one of those forms of magick that is often overlooked. It can be simple or complicated, colorful or not. In this episode, I discuss some basic, introductory topics regarding casting spells with candles. What is candle magick? Do colors matter? How toContinue Reading

Do you take accountability for your actions and inaction? Join me for this episode where I give a little story about how this idea came to life and why taking accountability and having responsibility is good for your faith and spiritual growth.

Pardon my rambly-ness in this episode. I even got the episode number and previous episode wrong. Its been a hell of a week, and that’s what prompted this episode. – Science might even begin to explain consciousness in a “spiritual” aspect with the idea of quantum consciousness – – – Reading

What is this “self-care” technique that everyone is talking about? And how does it impact your emotional, and spiritual, well-being?

Explore the simplicity of sympathetic magick with me in this week’s episode. Learn where the term was coined, the two different “laws”, and how you use it regularly in your Wiccan practice!

Content Warning: Brief mentions of sexual assault, politics, rape, abortion, suicide, etc. No details are mentioned. Mild language is used. Why is it important for you to be involved in the politics in your country? As pagans, Wiccans, and general human beings, we need to be involved in the thingsContinue Reading

Rambly-ramble episode because I’ve been busy and tired. So, listen to me chat about my garden, our property, and how to be a real witch according to google. Get my live reactions from the crap (and not-so-crap) that you can find on Google about witchcraft and Wicca. Pro-tip: How toContinue Reading

It might not occur to you, especially if you’re a new Wiccan, witch, or Pagan, but there’s a lot of misinformation and misrepresentation out there in the world about these topics and anything similar. Its important to learn how to use your critical thinking and common sense to weed throughContinue Reading

Where does Wicca fall on the spectrum of theisms? Join me as I define monotheism, duotheism, and polytheism and explore where Wicca and my personal practice falls on this spectrum. Also, listen in about how to enter my giveaway running now through Litha! LinksWitchVoxFacebookTwitterInstagramPatreonWebsiteGiveaway!!