I caught myself wondering today what Earth would be like if humans, or any form of our species, hadn’t existed. I know evolution is a natural part of the world, but I’ve been wondering why the Gods would create us if we just destroy what we are given. It isContinue Reading

Most days, we humans go about our lives with a sense of “unknowing-ness”. We wonder where we fit in the grand scheme of things, and if there’s any purpose to this life at all. I’ve wondered it myself, many times. I see these other creatures, all with their own purpose.Continue Reading

Before tarot was used as a method for divination, we’re pretty sure it was just a simple card game created for the nobles back in the 1400s. There are several versions of the history of the cards, and we aren’t really sure what the¬†actual history is. For now, we canContinue Reading

Happy New Year everyone! I sat down and did my monthly tarot reading this morning and thought that I would share the spread and results with you. It requires only 5 cards, laid out like so: …..1….. 2…3…4 …..5….. Card One: What does this month have in store for me?Continue Reading

I’ve always been a firm believer in astrology, but I find that learning it can be extremely confusing! I decided to do my natal chart the other day and thought that I would make note of my signs, rising, moon, etc. I used CafeAstrology.com for this free chart. The onlyContinue Reading

When the wheel has turned to Yule, light the log the Horned One rules! Yule (EWE-elle) is a celebration of the rebirth of the Sun and God. It is celebrated during the winter solstice, typically between December 20 and 22. It is during this time that we see the shortestContinue Reading

Wicca has come a long way in its short life as a religion. Technically speaking, Wicca was founded by a man named Gerald Gardner in the mid-20th century. He claimed that it is a religion that was shrouded in mystery and secrecy, and he was simply bringing it to light.Continue Reading