If you convert to Wicca, or any other polytheistic belief system, from Christianity or another monotheistic belief system, there’s bound to be some baggage that gets leftover. Join me in this episode for an explanation of that baggage, why it sticks around, and why we need to let it go.Continue Reading

I’m trying this again… Candle magick can be one of those forms of magick that is often overlooked. It can be simple or complicated, colorful or not. In this episode, I discuss some basic, introductory topics regarding casting spells with candles. What is candle magick? Do colors matter? How toContinue Reading

Apparently there’s some sort of issue with my hosting provider and none of my podcast episodes will play. Hence the reason there wasn’t a new episode today…it didn’t work! Just know I’m working on it and hope to have a fix soon!

I’ve been conflicted over a decision that needs to be made in my personal life for a while now. For some background, I don’t like working a day-job. It takes away from what I’m passionate about, but it pays the bills. I needed some more insight into my thought processContinue Reading

If you’re not new to Wicca or witchcraft, you’ll know that there are a slew of correspondence lists out there on the internet for different aspects of magick. One of those things is color correspondences. Just a quick search will give you hundreds of tables from many different sources thatContinue Reading

Do you take accountability for your actions and inaction? Join me for this episode where I give a little story about how this idea came to life and why taking accountability and having responsibility is good for your faith and spiritual growth.

What better way to kick off Independence Day than with a Month at a Glance reading? Here’s mine for the month, and I thought I’d share it all with you. July is a month of possibilities and creativity. With all four cards pulled being Wands, my creativity and inspiration areContinue Reading

The moon is a magickal being in our lives, and we should do what we can to honor its phases. The moon doesn’t just affect us spiritually, but physically as well. As always, these correspondences are up for personal interpretation. I have found, though, that most tend to share theContinue Reading

Pardon my rambly-ness in this episode. I even got the episode number and previous episode wrong. Its been a hell of a week, and that’s what prompted this episode. – Science might even begin to explain consciousness in a “spiritual” aspect with the idea of quantum consciousness –https://www.quantumconsciousness.org/ –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09QM86XBVKM&feature=share –https://www.peacequarters.com/scientists-found-soul-doesnt-die-goes-back-universe/Continue Reading

” A look into the underlying principles behind modern magic in Witchcraft, this investigation provides an integrated training system for both solitary Witches and coven-based trainees in the form of magical energy practice and cosmology. By fully explaining the values of Witchcraft, this work makes numerous Wiccan practices approachable, includingContinue Reading