The moon is a magickal being in our lives, and we should do what we can to honor its phases. The moon doesn’t just affect us spiritually, but physically as well. As always, these correspondences are up for personal interpretation. I have found, though, that most tend to share the general feeling surrounding each phase and what it represents.

New Moon

A sliver of silver is visible in the sky, and we know the moon is new. The energy of the moon is neutral due to being right in the middle of the waxing and waning phases. The new moon is a good time for new beginnings, hope, and starting over. It is also a good time for adding energy to goals you already have in motion or setting new goals entirely.

Waxing Moon

As the moon grows, so does the energy that is associated with it. The larger the moon grows, the brighter it gets in the sky as it is illuminated by the sun. The waxing moon is full of growing energy that is perfect for bolstering confidence, boosting creativity, and positive transformations.

Full Moon

With the night sky fully illuminated by the full moon, we are reminded that everything grows, and everything also diminishes. The full moon teaches us that we must work to achieve our potential, but not waste it away when the time comes. The energy of the full moon is good for all aspects of spellwork, as this is when the energy is most viable. It is often tradition to honor the Goddess during the full moon with a ritual. It is during this time that we may manifest our desires, achieve our goals, and protecting what’s ours.

Waning Moon

As the light of the moon begins to fade, so should our intentions. The sky begins to darken again, and we are reminded of the things that we should let go and move on from. The darkening sky is also a reminder of those we should forgive, and those who don’t deserve our forgiveness. Common forms of spellcasting using the energy from the waning moon include cleansing, moving on, binding, and releasing.

Dark Moon

The night sky is dark, and stars speckle the sky. The stars are more visible because the moon is nowhere to be seen. With no light visible from the moon, the darkness is a time of deep reflection and introspection. We rest and take peace with ourselves, remembering to let go of the things that no longer serve us.

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