Monthly Tarot: January

Happy New Year everyone!

I sat down and did my monthly tarot reading this morning and thought that I would share the spread and results with you.

It requires only 5 cards, laid out like so:


Card One: What does this month have in store for me?
Card Two: How will this affect my relationship?
Card Three: How will this affect my career?
Card Four: How will this affect my family?
Card Five: What do I need to keep in mind this month?

20180101_092544Card One: The Chariot
– Indicates clear, controlled energy and a vision of goals, what I want in life, and that it is possible to achieve those goals.

Card Two: 4 of Pentacles, Reversed
– It is time to relax and stop letting fear into my relationship. Open up fully and let the love blossom.

Card Three: 10 of Cups, Reversed
– Although work is not always ideal, I am appreciated. I need to learn to be humble.

Card Four: 2 of Pentacles
– Stop trying to juggle so many things and balance will be restored.

Card Five: 8 of Swords, Reversed
– Keep moving forward. I can’t plan everything and that shouldn’t stop me from living my life. Help is always available and worry solves nothing.

Overall, I get a really good vibe from this reading and hope that my January starts off great. Everything resonates well with me, especially in terms of my career and what I need to keep in mind this month. I am a huge worry-wart and that sometimes (read: definitely always) gets in the way of how I live my life and the things I want to do.

Many blessings to you in the new year!
<3 Megan

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