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Wheel of the Year

To celebrate the Wheel of the Year is to honor the seasons and cycle of life.


Prayer and devotions can be an important aspect in most practices.


With a card system that is very old, we can learn the meanings of each card, all the symbols, and how they apply in our life to help us move forward and make decisions.


Correspondences are personal, but many have common themes across traditions. These are mine.


Wiccan Texts

Many people commit some or all of the following to memory. Depending on your tradition, some (or all) of these texts may not apply to you. Feel free to use them as you wish. Though I no longer follow a Wiccan path, I feel it necessary to keep these documents up for your review.

Please note, all information here is my original content unless otherwise stated. It cannot be reproduced in any fashion unless given express permission in writing.