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The History of Tarot

The History of Tarot

two-tarot-cards-outline-v-7-10445279Before tarot was used as a method for divination, we’re pretty sure it was just a simple card game created for the nobles back in the 1400s. There are several versions of the history of the cards, and we aren’t really sure what the actual history is. For now, we can only speculate. Most of the history that we can find puts the cards’ origination back to Italy, since the word does not have any Latin, German, or Hebrew.

The cards seem to have initially been known as the carte da trionfi, or “cards of triumphs”. The word tarocchi began to be used in Italy and the Germans used the word tarock. The cards are a product of the early Italian Renaissance and don’t have any Hermetic or Kabbalistic characteristics.

However, just because Tarot was originally developed as a card game does not mean that it isn’t a reliable form of divination. There are many different styles of reading the cards, and I suggest you do some more research on the history of the cards as well. Check out the links below.

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Monthly Tarot: January

Monthly Tarot: January

Happy New Year everyone!

I sat down and did my monthly tarot reading this morning and thought that I would share the spread and results with you.

It requires only 5 cards, laid out like so:


Card One: What does this month have in store for me?
Card Two: How will this affect my relationship?
Card Three: How will this affect my career?
Card Four: How will this affect my family?
Card Five: What do I need to keep in mind this month?

20180101_092544Card One: The Chariot
– Indicates clear, controlled energy and a vision of goals, what I want in life, and that it is possible to achieve those goals.

Card Two: 4 of Pentacles, Reversed
– It is time to relax and stop letting fear into my relationship. Open up fully and let the love blossom.

Card Three: 10 of Cups, Reversed
– Although work is not always ideal, I am appreciated. I need to learn to be humble.

Card Four: 2 of Pentacles
– Stop trying to juggle so many things and balance will be restored.

Card Five: 8 of Swords, Reversed
– Keep moving forward. I can’t plan everything and that shouldn’t stop me from living my life. Help is always available and worry solves nothing.

Overall, I get a really good vibe from this reading and hope that my January starts off great. Everything resonates well with me, especially in terms of my career and what I need to keep in mind this month. I am a huge worry-wart and that sometimes (read: definitely always) gets in the way of how I live my life and the things I want to do.

Many blessings to you in the new year!
<3 Megan

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