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I am a Gatekeeper

This topic has been on my mind for at least a week now and I have honestly hesitated in writing this post. I know some people are going to be upset. Some people are going to scream but you have to be inclusive to EVERYONE and honestly, I’m just not here for it anymore. To be fair, this idea didn’t just pop into my head. It was sparked by a tweet I saw from Oregon Wood Witch and from there it just spiraled into a mess of thoughts that I haven’t quite been able to wrap my head around.

Being Authentically Me

I’ve been mulling something over in my brain for the last few days and I decided it was finally time to write about it. I feel like I am lacking authenticity here and in my practice. I feel like a complete imposter, even though I know that’s not true. Something’s got to give, so I’m making some changes here.

The Storm is Already Here || Life Musings

I read through an article written by John Beckett on Patheos today called “The Storm” and “Tower Time” – Simple Names For A Complicated Situation. It was written in June 2019, but it is interesting to see the correlations they have made between what is going on in the physical world versus the Otherworld. In his article, he discusses how, for many years now, a lot of pagans and spiritually-inclined people have felt that something was coming.

Etsy Shop Refresh

If you didn’t know – which I’m sure if you’ve been here for a bit, you do know – I have an Etsy shop. I used to host it here on my site, but some backend stuff left me uncomfortable with collecting sensitive data like payment information on my own site. If you’re interested, it’s because my current site host plan doesn’t allow me to have an SSL certificate so…that’s why.

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