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I’ve talked about it before, but I needed to get a baseline for my depth year. I want to delve deeper into my spirituality but also take way more time for myself. I can’t wait to bring everyone with me on this journey!

A lot of people start their new year off on the right foot, wanting to bring mindfulness, peace, and happiness into their life. However, it never fails that these new year resolutions always end up dwindling down to be forgotten about.

Ring in the new year like the true witch you are! Say goodbye to 2019 and step into 2020 in true magickal fashion! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and take part in the LIVE recording of the podcast every Wednesday at 11am PST! To get a transcriptContinue Reading

What is a sigil? A sigil is a magickal symbol created and used for a specific purpose. They are often used in ritual, tarot, and spell crafting to suit the needs of the witch. Each one is unique to a specific phrase or situation, and they can be crafted quicklyContinue Reading

Kicking bad habits can be hard, and kicking out negativity and negative people can be harder. Give your motivation and determination a boost Give this spell a try for the new year, and be sure to check out my Witchy Ways to Ring in the New Year video on YouTubeContinue Reading

One of the most common things that people wish for in the new year is wealth or prosperity. Why not match your wishes with magick and manifest your own reality? Give this spell a try for the new year, and be sure to check out my Witchy Ways to RingContinue Reading

The new year is coming, but what is it bringing with it? Use this free tarot spread to help you figure out what the new year has in store for you. Each month has its own card associated with it, and there are three more cards that are pulled atContinue Reading